China should Give Priority to Key Technologies of Fine Chemicals

Reaction is the basis for fine chemical production, chemical production processes and new catalytic technologies are closely related. Now the key is to develop film petrochemical catalysts, rare earth coordination catalysts, zeolite catalyst selection and solid super acid catalyst to promote the development of catalytic technology. The development of new products and fine chemicals closely related to the phase-transfer catalysis technique, stereotactic synthesis, the immobilized enzyme fermentation technology and other special techniques.

Strengthen the research and industrial-scale application of new catalysts to strengthen and adapt the reactor scale, manufacturing technology development. Enable the design and development of a number of high activity, high selectivity, Copper Chromite(CC) three-dimensional orientation, good stability, long life and efficient catalysts and catalytic technologies appropriate to meet the fine chemical development of domestic and foreign market.Development of industrial-scale multi-component separation, particularly in volatile compounds and functional materials for high-precision separation technology research, development of fine chemical products and production is essential.

Focuses on the development of supercritical extraction technology, research supercritical extraction technology system to take the exchange rate hit a high export of natural plant extracts (such as natural pigments, natural oils, herbs Triphenyl Bismuth and other active ingredients), supercritical extraction technology for the practical technology, localization and provide a theoretical and technical basis. It is in the fine chemical, food, spices, medicine, and the depth of oil processing and other applications being developed within the field of development of broad prospects.In addition, focus its inorganic membrane separation technology in ultra-pure gases, water, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other fields of application development; to break through the inorganic membrane catalytic reactor development; active fine distillation, distillation technology, research, and urged In the flavor industry, the separation of mixed xylene and efficient application development.Number of developed countries and commodity chemical products, the number of the ratio of 1:20, but china is only 1: 1.5, only a small number of species, and poor quality.

One of the key reasons behind the efficiency compound technology.So strengthen the application of basic research and applied technology research is a priority, such as specialized surfactants separation, washing effect, surface modification, micro-encapsulation, and ultra-thin film of particles of technology. As the application objects are unique, difficult to use a single compound to meet user requirements, so the formulation and compounding technology research has become a decisive factor in product quality, and thus require a substantial strengthening research in this area.Ultrafine powder technology is 70 years the rise of a solid material processing technology, can be used for post-processing of fine chemicals. In fine condition, powder properties and chemical properties will change dramatically.Ultrafine powder technology enables more effective biochemical effects of drugs; the paint, ink and light color Yan United States; the paint adhesion even more firmly; as rubber and plastic filler, you can improve both the physical and chemical nature, to better meet the technical requirements. Thus, the practical application of this technology technology research prospects.

Destruction of the ozone layer, global environmental problems, since the 1970s, caused great concern around the world, due to the controlled substances continue to advance the schedule is disabled, so the study of alternative substances is even more urgent.Research in air conditioning and refrigeration, plastic foam, efficient aerosol insecticide, etc. HCFCs (CFC) substitutes and alternative non-polluting technology, which allows researchers to industrialization, technology and practical synthetic route and its significance.Others, such as biotechnology, polymer modification technology, computer technology, chemical applications, and comprehensive management of technology and so on chemical industry, is closely related to the development of fine chemicals. Their breakthrough and development, will give the economy development and social progress have an enormous impact.


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